Free bible crosswords by Jim Saxton Old and New Testament puzzles, Anglican Lectionary. Printable and puzzles for children.
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Jim Saxton's Bible Crosswords
The website providing free to use my printable bible crosswords also subscription crosswords based on Anglican Lectionary.

All proceeds from this website are donated towards missionary projects supported from within the Coventry Diocese United Kingdom

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None of the free crosswords have answers, since my mission is to get individuals to read the word. But if you need answers then click HERE.
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Click on section of bible below you wish to see crosswords on e.g. New Testament.

Welcome to my Bible Crossword Puzzle Website.

All the free bile crosswords are based on the New International Version (NIV) of the bible.

The New Testament and Old Testament are free to use and print off if for private use or church magazine etc. If you feel so inclined, donations are gratefully received and go the missionary projects within the Anglican Diocese of Coventry. To view the current projects go to Missionary Projects.

They are suitable for all ages including children. These is one bible crossword for each chapter in the bible.

It costs £10.00 (or equivalent in US $) to become a member and have access to the following:

  • Anglican Lectionary puzzles that have typically 30 clues and answers for your church magazine etc.
  • Answers to the Free Old and New Testament puzzles.
  • NEW - Jumbo puzzles typically about 55 clues.


Bible crosswords by Jim Saxton New Testament Crosswords, Old Testament Crosswords, Anglican Lectionary Crosswords. Printable bible crosswords and puzzles for children.

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