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Jim Saxton's Bible Crosswords
The website providing free to use my printable bible crosswords also subscription crosswords based on Anglican Lectionary.

All proceeds from this website are donated towards missionary projects supported from within the Coventry Diocese United Kingdom

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None of the free crosswords have answers, since my mission is to get individuals to read the word. But if you need answers then click HERE.
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Click on section of bible below you wish to see crosswords on e.g. New Testament.

Welcome to Old Testament Crosswords Puzzles

Below are links to each book in the Old Testament, that link wil take you to free bible crosswords for each chapter. Answers to crosswords are not provided since the objective is to get individuals to read and study the bible. However you can get answers to the crosswords by either becoming a member with annual subscription click HERE or by making a donation click here for ANSWERS.

Free bible crosswords for the each book in the Old Testament all based on NIV of the bible. Click on the links and enjoy our bible crossword puzzles.



Genesis All chapters complete
Exodus All chapters complete
Leviticus All chapters complete
Numbers 18 from 36 complete
Deuteronomy 6 from 34 complete
Joshua 5 from 24 complete
Judges 4 from 21 complete
Ruth All chapters complete
1 Samuel All chapters complete
2 Samuel 2 from 24 complete
1 Kings 2 from 22 complete
2 Kings 2 from 25 complete
1 Chronicles 1 from 29 complete
2 Chronicles 1 from 36 complete
Ezra All chapters complete 
Nehemiah 1 from 13 complete
Esther All chapters complete 
Job 7 from 42 complete
Psalms 70 from 150 complete
Proverbs 5 from 31 complete
Ecclesiastes 11 from 12 complete
Song of Songs All chapters complete
Isaiah 18 from 66 complete
Jeremiah 10 from 52 complete
Lamentations 1 from 5 complete
Ezekiel 1 from 48 complete
Daniel 4 from 12 complete
Hosea All chapters complete
Joel All chapters complete
Amos All chapters complete
Obadiah 0 from 1 complete
Jonah All chapters complete
Micah All chapters complete 
Nahum 0 from 3 complete
Habakkuk 0 from 3 complete
Zephaniah 1 from 3 complete
Haggai 0 from 2 complete
Zechariah 0 from 14 complete
Malachi 1 from 4 complete


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