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Jim Saxton's Bible Crosswords
The website providing free to use my printable bible crosswords also subscription crosswords based on Anglican Lectionary.

All proceeds from this website are donated towards missionary projects supported from within the Coventry Diocese United Kingdom

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None of the free crosswords have answers, since my mission is to get individuals to read the word. But if you need answers then click HERE.
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Click on section of bible below you wish to see crosswords on e.g. New Testament.

Memebrship Crosswords

The Members subscription section of this site is designed for churches, religious groups and individuals who wish to make use of Christian crosswords for their magazines, newsletters, bible study groups, Sunday schools, youth groups etc. 

There are three sections within the Memebrs subscription section:

  1. Anglican Lectionary Crosswords
    The crosswords are based on the Anglican Lectionary using the New International Version (N.I.V.) bible, with a crossword covering the readings mainly from principle service each Sunday. Sometimes clues from the second / third service readings are added to ensure reasonable size crosswords. The crosswords have typically 30 clues.

    A PDF
    version which will enable members to copy and paste the puzzle, clues and answers into their own documentation. To see an example click here.
  2. Answers to the free New and Old Testament Crosswords.
  3. Jumbo sized crosswords

Membership of Subscription Crosswords:

To become a member clich Here , membership costs £10.00 or its equivalent in your currency, provided that currency is covered by the PayPal.


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