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Jim Saxton's Bible Crosswords
The website providing free to use my printable bible crosswords also subscription crosswords based on Anglican Lectionary.

All proceeds from this website are donated towards missionary projects supported from within the Coventry Diocese United Kingdom

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None of the free crosswords have answers, since my mission is to get individuals to read the word. But if you need answers then click HERE.
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The Process

The cost of becoming a member of our Crossword's is £10.0 or your equivalent. 100% of all subscription money's is donated by Jim Saxton the Coventry Diocese Missionary projects, see Missionary projects above.

If you wish to become a member click on the PayPal icon below. This will take you into a secure PayPal process from which you make your payment using either your existing PayPal account or your credit card.

After successfully completing the PayPal payment you will be returned this site, to a form which will ask you to provide to me the following data:-

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After submitting the form, I will add your Username and password to the list of valid members, emailing your when completed. 

Once received, you will, on clicking the Members Log-in on the navigation bar be asked to enter your username and password. successful entry will take you to the members site.



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